• “I’ve worked with Maggie on a variety of projects from annual reports and marketing pieces to event collateral and merchandise. What I particularly value is her knack for enabling my creativity all the while keeping me focused on the less exciting but critically important budget and deadline. Maggie lets me have my cake and eat it too.”
    — Rich Barnett
    World Resources Institute , Washington, DC
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  • “My husband has been in business for years but never had a business card. He felt that the high quality of his product would “speak for itself.” I wanted him to sell more mushrooms, so I forced the issue and got a quickie card online for him, which he proceeded to use as bookmarks or scratch pads until ultimately the whole box hit the recycling bin. I then engaged Maggie. She sent an idea, and… he liked it. He now uses business cards—perfect business cards. Her design is subtle (not wild and bright) and tasteful (this card doesn’t shout out at you). Maggie is an intuitive, gifted listener who also happens to be a graphic designer.”
    — Andrea Amburgey and Keith Byrom
    WNC Mushrooms, Asheville NC
    Marketing & Business Collateral
  • “I’ve worked with Maggie Powell since the dawn of desktop publishing, sometime last century. She was great then when the technology was still clunky, but she’s even better now — intelligent design, efficient production, totally reliable! I’ve lost track of the number of publication projects we’ve done together, but it’s big, and it’s always a delight to work with her.”
    — Al Hammond
    Publishing consultant to numerous federal agencies, major foundations, and leading universities
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Books & Covers

Marketing & Collateral

Reports & Newsletters